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How to become a Data Scientist - Who lives at the beach


Everyone has a unique career path. In data science, it often starts with curiosity about a subject that can only be untangled by applying analytics.

Everyone has a unique career path. Robert, a data scientist at SAS, found somewhere to work with the flexibility to live where he wants. In his case, on a beach in San Diego.

What is the most interesting problem that you have worked on?

I just completed a customer project where we used machine learning to improve an engineering process and I really liked that project because we used a few areas of machine learning that really interest me including explainable ML/AI and hyperparameter search. 

So how did you begin to think differently when solving work questions?

I needed to change my analysis perspective. From thinking just about what's the right methods to thinking about what's the right method and the outcome or impact we need to make.

What was the biggest lesson you learned on the job?

Data will always be dirty, and models will always have errors. And the latter is a good thing because it is through error our models learn and improve. Without error, the learning process models undertake would cease.