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Charlotte Reimer

These regular meetings are important to help ensure there is a good workflow in the team and that we are aware of current matters.

6.15 AM

My alarm goes off and I start blasting my favourite playlist to put me in a good mood. I head to the gym for a quick walk on the treadmill and listen to a pop culture podcast. After the gym, I continue getting ready for the day.

8.15 AM

I begin my commute which unfortunately involves several steep flights of stairs before I arrive at the station. While on the train, I briefly check my work email to see what is in store for the day. I am currently rotating through the Intellectual Property team, which is quite busy due to the number and variety of matters.

8:45 AM

I arrive at the office and head straight to the Ashurst coffee cart on Level 9 for a caffeine boost and to meet some of the other grads for a quick catch-up.

Ashurst Charlotte Reimer quick catch up

9.00 AM

As soon as I sit down I write out my to-do list in order of urgency to ensure I am prioritising more pressing tasks. A senior associate has asked me to draft some email correspondence on an international trade marks matter. This is interesting but complicated work as things vary substantially between different jurisdictions.

Ashurst Charlotte Reimer l=making her to-do list

10.15 AM

I have a scheduled weekly meeting with my team where we check in with one another and discuss our capacity for the coming week. These regular meetings are important to help ensure there is a good workflow in the team and that we are aware of current matters.

11.00 AM

I have another meeting with some junior lawyers and the grad cohort going over the Legal Profession Admission Board requirements. We are nearly finished our practical legal training requirement and are eager to find out the steps required in order to be admitted into the profession.

Ashurst Charlotte Reimer meeting

12.00 PM

Today is a great day to be in the office as there are Poke bowls and cookies for lunch! I choose the tuna option and eat it while having a quick chat with a few of the other grads, one of whom is on secondment so it is great to see her in the office and catch up on what she has been up to.

Ashurst Charlotte Reimer eating lucnh

1.00 PM

I start on some research required by the Pro Bono team ahead of their meeting with the client later this afternoon. This involves searching for cases that have provided judicial consideration for a recent amendment to the Crimes Act. As my eyes can grow tired of staring at a screen all day, I head to the library to read a hard copy of the Act.

Ashurst Charlotte Reimer working

3.00 PM

I head to the office of a senior associate to receive a briefing in relation to an ongoing litigious matter to get my head around the factual matrix. Afterwards, I continue some less urgent research that I began earlier in the week in relation to a trade mark registration matter.

6.30 PM

I end the day by entering my time and filing my emails before heading over to my aunt and uncle's house for a family dinner.

10.00 PM

I arrive home and unwind by doing my evening skincare routine, watching an episode of The Nanny and reading a few pages of my book before inevitably falling asleep five pages in.

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